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Zuckerberg Now Says AI Is Meta's Focus

It's been a tough week for Meta, formerly known as Facebook. This comes on top of a rough year for the company, which saw its stock price lose more than half its value by November 2022. The stock is climbing back up as the company has embarked on a leaner strategy involving multiple rounds of significant layoffs and various cost-cutting measures. Zuckberg's even got a name for this new strategy: the Year of Efficiency.

As part of this new strategy, Zuckerberg seems to be pivoting slightly away from investing in the metaverse. In a statement to employees and the public, the CEO says investing in AI is now its top priority. His statement is unequivocal about the company's priorities.

"Our single largest investment is in advancing AI and building it into every one of our products," he said in the blog post.

Meta is no stranger to ...

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