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Worried Over Antitrust Debate, Apple Talks Sideloading Dangers

Apple argues in a position paper that sideloading apps poses a major security threat to its users, as many lawmakers and technologists criticize its App Store as a monopoly.

Apple released a position paper on Oct. 13, arguing that forcing the company to open its App Store software-distribution platform to allow third-party software sellers to install software — a process often called "sideloading" — would undermine the security of iOS devices.

The arguments come as Apple faces extensive discussions aimed at forcing the company to allow other software vendors to install software on Apple-branded devices. In a background conversation with members of the media on Tuesday, the company argued that the security of iOS devices would be undermined by such as move. In its position paper, published the next day, Apple pointed to third-party reports that showed that the competing Android platform, which allows sideloading, had anywhere from 15 times to 47 ...

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