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What to expect for data prep and data analytics in 2022

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While modern organizations generate astronomical amounts of data every day, many still struggle to make sense of it all. However, that’s gradually starting to change, as more data prep and analytics providers come to the surface to empower nonspecialist users to translate raw data into actionable insights.

In fact, researchers estimate that the Data Preparation Tools Market size will grow at a CAGR of over 20% to reach a total value of $13.15 billion by 2028, with organizations having a range of accessible data analytics providers to choose from, such as Alteryx, IBM Watson Studio, TIMi Suite, and Incorta.

With the data analytics and preparation market in a state of growth, in 2022, more companies those data analytics providers will invest in will develop solutions that give decision makers better transparency over their operational data.

Alteryx acquires data preparation provider Trifacta for $400 million ...

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