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What Inflation Means for Your Energy Bills

Mike De Socio is a CNET contributor who writes about energy, personal finance and climate change. He's also the author of the nonfiction book, "Morally Straight: How the Fight for LGBTQ+ Inclusion Changed the Boy Scouts-And America." His path in journalism has taken him through almost every part of the newsroom, earning awards along the way from the Boston Press Photographers Association and the Society of Professional Journalists. As an independent journalist, his work has also been published in Bloomberg, The Guardian, Fortune and beyond.

  • Journalism awards from the Boston Press Photographers Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and Boston University
Inflation isn't just at the grocery store. You can probably see it in your energy bills. brunorbs / iStock / Getty Images

I don't have to tell you that energy prices have been skyrocketing since 2020 -- you've probably seen that for yourself on your monthly utility bill ...

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