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What are the Advantages of Smart Transportation?

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As intelligent transportation systems for smart cities start developing, people can utilize the several safety, efficiency, and cost benefits of modern public transport.

FREMONT, CA: Smart city traffic management and intelligent transportation redefine how cities address mobility and emergency management while minimizing traffic on city streets. All these can be achieved with sensors, modern communication technologies, automation, and high-speed networks.

The process of traveling from one location to another has always been a part of life throughout history. To be on the journey is an aspect of being human, from chariots and horses through carriages, automobiles, steam trains, and spacecraft.

Civilization has progressed a long way from the days of traveling by horse and camel. The world has entered the next stage of movement of smart transportation with the introduction of intelligent transportation systems and IoT.

What is Smart Transportation?

Smart transportation is primarily made up of three ...

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