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Towards more energy-efficient 2D semiconductor devices

(Left Panel) Illustration of metal contacts to MoSi2N4 monolayer. A Schottky contact is formed when gold is used as an electrode material to MoSi2N4. On the other hand, an energy-efficient Ohmic contact can be achieved by using titanium electrode. (Right Panel) The ‘slope parameters’ S of MoSi2N4 and WSi2N4 metal contacts studied in this work are among the lowest when compared to other species of 2D semiconductors, suggesting the strong potential of MoSi2N4 and WSi2N4 for electronics device applications. Credit: SUTD

According to researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), a recently discovered family of two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors could pave the way for high-performance and energy-efficient electronics. Their findings, published in npj 2D Materials and Applications, may lead to the fabrication of semiconductor devices applicable in mainstream electronics and ...

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