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Top 5 Best Telegram Client Apps for Android

Telegram messenger is gaining popularity, and the number of its users is growing every day. While some users are satisfied with the already included features in the main application, others purchase a Premium version of their favourite messenger, and others have long used the application client Telegram and enjoy the new features of their favourite application. 

Below is the rating of 5 Telegram messenger client apps for Android


What is the Nicegram app? It is one of the most popular Telegram client apps. The app is open source, so you can convince yourself that it is safe. With Nicegram you can get unlocking features for chats and channels, translate messages from a foreign language, forward messages anonymously, add tabs and folders, group chats, create multiple accounts, and view chats without a “read” mark. 

Telegram X

We would like to note that it is better to install the beta version ...

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