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Top 10 Android Emulators For 2023

E2E testing (End-to-end testing) is the process of testing a complete software system to verify that it meets the required specifications. It ensures that a software application works as expected from start to finish. It is also known as acceptance testing or integration testing.

E2E testing covers everything from the user interface to the back-end database and everything in between. E2E testing is done at the user scale and includes testing both UI and non-UI components of the application.

E2E testing is essential to ensure the system works as expected. It helps to find gaps or defects before deploying. It is important to conduct E2E testing early and avoid potential problems. E2E testing can be performed manually or automatically.

In manual E2E testing, a tester must test the system from start to finish to check if all the features are working as expected, While in automated E2E testing, test scripts ...

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