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This is the year I conquer the Raspberry Pi

Since the very first model was released almost a decade ago, the Raspberry Pi has tempted and tortured me in equal measure.

As someone with almost no programming expertise and equally few engineering skills, the elaborate creations people come up with (like this Raspberry Pi Pip-Boy or this GLaDOS voice assistant) have made the Pi feel completely inaccessible.

I’ve also been paralyzed by the possibilities these tiny single-board computers open up. As a journalist, I know all too well the tyranny of the white page and blinking cursor, and the Raspberry Pi is the technologist’s equivalent: a blank canvas.

Not even in the peak of lockdown, when I had nothing else to do with my evenings but twiddle my thumbs, could I find the courage to take the plunge. The question was always: where would I even start?

However, with the help of a few online resources, a ...

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