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These retro gaming-inspired shoes deserve more footage

It's been 20 years since the release of the Nintendo GameCube, a lovably square gaming console that has snuck itself into the category of 'Retro gaming' as time has passed by. 

While you might be reminiscing about early memories of console gaming, there's a bunch of memorabilia you can buy to show your allegiance to the console of your childhood such as officially branded SEGA t-shirts or Nintendo hats with recognizable mascots.

Some of the coolest apparel we've seen are these incredible Retro Gaming shoes by The Sole Trader that combine popular sneakers such as Air Jordan 4s, Nike Air Max 97s, and Adidas Superstars with nostalgic games consoles, but there's a big caveat – they're purely a concept design and you can't go out and buy a pair. 

A step into the world of footwear

The Sole Supplier does sell real shoes, having been ...

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