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The Super Bowl’s best and wackiest AI commercials

Heavily hyped tech products have a history of appearing in Super Bowl commercials during football's biggest game—including the Apple Macintosh in 1984, dot-com companies in 2000, and cryptocurrency firms in 2022. In 2024, the hot tech in town is artificial intelligence, and several companies showed AI-related ads at Super Bowl LVIII. Here's a rundown of notable appearances that range from serious to wacky.

Microsoft Copilot

It's been a year since Microsoft launched the AI assistant Microsoft Copilot (as "Bing Chat"), and Microsoft is leaning heavily into its AI-assistant technology, which is powered by large language models from OpenAI. In Copilot's first-ever Super Bowl commercial, we see scenes of various people with defiant text overlaid on the screen: "They say I will never open my own business or get my degree. They say I will never make my movie or build something. They say I'm ...

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