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The Morning After: Trump threatens to 'ban' TikTok

Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

We didn’t even have to wait until August to find out who was behind that massive Twitter breach on July 15th. Florida authorities arrested a Tampa teenager as he and two others were charged with a litany of felonies in the attack that hijacked numerous high-profile accounts. Charging documents from the prosecutors claim the Florida teen conducted a spear phishing attack by pretending to be Twitter IT and convincing an employee to hand over credentials.


There are more details, but the whole episode remains as bizarre as it seemed when it occurred two weeks ago. Looking forward, we’re ready for some big news next week, with Google’s Pixel 4a poised to launch on Monday before Samsung’s big Galaxy Unpacked event Wednesday. Until then, you can tune in all weekend as SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule makes its first return trip home from ...

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