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The Cybersecurity Measures CTOs Are Actually Implementing

Companies look to multifactor authentication and identity and access management to block attacks, but hedge their bets with disaster recovery.

With cybersecurity top of mind for businesses, especially after the past year's spectacular ransomware attacks, CTOs are taking a multipronged approach to protecting their company. A little over 87% of respondents to STX Next's 2021 Global CTO Survey, which surveyed 500 global CTOs about the biggest challenges facing their organization, say they have implemented multifactor authentication (MFA) within their organization, and almost 83% say the same for identity and access management. Single sign-on (SSO) is also popular, adopted by about 74%. These findings jibe with Dark Reading's 2021 Strategic Security Survey, in which 69% of respondents said that MFA was an effective cybersecurity measure.

What is surprising is that nearly half (46.8%) of CTOs admit their company has no specific ransomware protection at all, and that ...

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