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The Best 2-Player Board Games

David Priest is an award-winning writer and editor who covers home security for CNET. When he isn't waving his hands wildly in front of motion sensors or making faces at video doorbells, he spends his time playing board games and video games with his wife and family.

Renegade Games

The Fox in the Forest is a simple trick-taking game like Rook (or Tichu, from above), with a few special cards mixed into the traditional format -- but unlike almost any other trick-taking game, it's built for two players.

What makes The Fox in the Forest a great game is the unique card powers and the scoring system. Rather than trying to take all the tricks to win the game, you're trying to take certain numbers of tricks for certain point values -- and if you narrowly miss those ranges, you often miss out on a big bonus.

In many ...

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