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The Apple Watch Series 7 has a brand-new look


The Apple Watch Series 7 looks a little different than its predecessors. The display now goes virtually to the edge of the case. That means a slick new look for some watchfaces.

The bezels around the display are slimmer at just 1.7mm, and the always-on screen mode is 70 percent brighter. Apple claims you can cram 50 percent more text onto the display than the Series 6. The new display also means new ways to interact, with a full keyboard that will support swiping.

The Series 7 on the right isn’t that much larger, but it should feel bigger, thanks to much smaller bezels. Image: Apple

There’s a whole new set of watchfaces to take advantage of the larger screen, including a more modular watchface. And a bigger display doesn’t mean it’s more delicate: Apple claims it’s crack resistant and now has an ...

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