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Testing out the entire new Apple Mac M1 lineup

The early performance numbers proffered by Apple and others looked promising. By switching away from Intel chips to its own Apple silicon M1 design, the latest Macs were much faster than previous versions, even faster than most Windows PCs. At least on paper.  I got a chance to test all three new systems -- the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini -- those performance boosts were confirmed when compared to the early 2020 versions. Yes, benchmark tests are different than real-world use, but at least they give us a standard to judge similar things by. And using that standard, even decently specced Macs from earlier in 2020 just could not keep up. 

Note that these hands-on impressions are based on spending just a few days with all three new M1 Macs, so they should be considered preliminary. We'll continue to test and compare these systems to other MacOS and Windows ...

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