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Tesla shows off the $130,000 Model S Plaid's performance


At an event last night, Tesla delivered its first 25 Model S Plaid high-performance EVs while CEO Elon Musk detailed all the new features that give it extra quickness and range. It also demonstrated the performance in person to several journalists to show what 0 to 60MPH in 2 seconds looks like.

Musk emphasized that the Model S Plaid is not just quick, but will offer repeatable performance thanks to a new heat pump and radiator that's twice as big. "You'll actually be able to do back-to-back 0-to-60s, go on the track, just haul ass," Musk said. "This car can do it over and over again and it doesn't get winded."

On top of that, Tesla said the new heat pump delivers 30 percent more range in cold weather while using 50 percent less energy for heating. "You'll see very little degradation in cold weather ...

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