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Tag Barnakle Targets Various Web Servers with Malicious Ads

In a persistent campaign that features malicious ads on tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, computers, the criminals have infiltrated more than 120 ad servers and introduced malicious code to legitimate announcements that redirect visitors to sites that promote malware and fraud. This has been going on since the past year, thus attracting benign devices in all external appearances. The malicious activity group behind this campaign is identified by the name Tag Barnakle.

Malvertising is the phenomenon of advertising while the viewers are visiting trustworthy websites. The advertising includes JavaScript that exploits software faults surreptitiously and attempts to make tourists download an unsafe application, pay computer support charges fraudulently or perform other dangerous acts. In general, Internet fraudsters pose as shoppers and pay ad distribution networks for malicious advertising to be shown on individual pages.

Resources are needed to infiltrate the ad ecosystem as a legitimate buyer. Firstly ...

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