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Starliner Return Flight Delayed Until Later This Summer

Boeing's troubled Starliner spacecraft was supposed to have returned to Earth weeks ago, but it's still at the International Space Station (ISS), along with its crew. And that's not changing anytime soon. NASA has announced that Starliner's return flight has been delayed again until an unspecified date in July, giving engineers more time to understand the nature of Starliner's recent glitches.

NASA reportedly came to this decision after two days of intensive meetings last week with senior leaders at the agency, including Associate Administrator Jim Free. The mission launched on June 5 and was initially scheduled to return on June 14. But mission managers have passed on several return windows as they seek to understand better the causes of multiple helium leaks and malfunctioning reaction-control system (RCS) thrusters.

When NASA announced the previous delays, it noted that the capsule was totally safe and capable of ...

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