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Sega's unreleased virtual reality headset has been resurrected

The big picture: The late 80s through the mid-90s was a fascinating time in the video game industry. While popular history might initially suggest otherwise, frontrunners Nintendo and Sega were more than willing to take risks in search of the next big thing.

Nintendo rolled out the Super FX coprocessor to boost graphics capabilities in select Super Nintendo games and even worked with Sony on an unreleased prototype console that would ultimately become the PlayStation. Sega, meanwhile, was delving into optical-based gaming with the Sega CD and pushing graphics to the next level with the 32X add-on for the Genesis.

Both companies also explored new ways of interacting with games. Nintendo rolled out the Power Glove and Super Scope accessories and the Virtual Boy “3D” platform. Sega experimented with virtual reality as well, though its peripheral, the Sega VR, never made it into production for home consoles.

As Rich Whitehouse ...

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