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Samsung starts cranking out 14nm DDR5 DRAM

Samsung has announced it's fired up mass production of DDR5 DRAM built using five-layer extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV).

The Korean giant debuted its EUV-etched DDR in March 2020, but offered only DDR4 built with a four-layer process and promised DDR5 sometime in 2021. In March 2021 the company delivered, by showing off some DDR5 DIMMs it had prepped for use with the Compute Express Link (CXL) – but did so without detailing the memory's specs.

The Chaebol's not improved much with its latest announcement, which tells us that the 14nm EUV process employed to make DDR5 DRAM uses five EUV layers and "has achieved the highest bit density while enhancing the overall wafer productivity by approximately 20 per cent". The extra layer matters because each layer of a chip contains transistors, so each additional layer brings with it higher density.

Samsung's announcement also states that the 14nm ...

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