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Russia says it has dismantled the REvil ransomware gang

Russian authorities have announced that they have dismantled the infamous REvil ransomware gang and arrested several of its members.

As reported by the BBC, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation or FSB for short said in a statement that the cybercriminal group had “ceased to exist” following a recent law enforcement operation.

Although the US was ready to offer a reward of up to $10m for information on the REvil ransomware gang, it now appears that none of its members will be extradited following their arrests. According to the FSB, the agency used information provided by the US to take down the group and put an end to its operations once and for all.

In addition to seizing 426m rubles (around $5.5m) including close to $600k in cryptocurrency, the FSB also seized 20 “premium cars” from the group.

REvil ransomware group

Although the group took down all ...

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