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Rockstar GTA Leak – Dark Web Research

Following news that Rockstar Games have been hacked, resulting in a data leak (, Louise Ferrett, Threat Intelligence Analyst at Searchlight Security has found by scanning the dark web that: 

“Users on cybercriminal and dark web forums are pointing to a member of LAPSUS$ as the perpetrator of the cyberattack against Rockstar that has led to the leak of the latest Grand Theft Auto game. For example, this post on DoxBin accuses the LAPSUS$ member known by the alias ‘White’ for being behind the attack and last week’s attack against Uber:

“As we can see from this screenshot, this is the latest in a series of updates that the user has provided since they originally doxxed (shared the identify of) White back in January:

“It goes without saying that attributions on cybercriminal forums should not be taken as concrete proof, especially since this ...

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