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Ribble rides into multi-channel cycle

Cycling has been quick to realize the direct-to-consumer power of the web. For Ribble Cycles, the ride has gone full circle, from a shop in Preston in the north of England, via mail order, a pioneering online bike builder, to today, a blend of online and high-end physical stores. But as the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Ribble reveals, the online platform is the frame that the entire business rides on.

The showroom is an extension of the website. We are a digital-first business, and everything is assessed by our digital performance.

Matthew Lawson has been CDO for Ribble Cycles since February 2016, three months after investment house True acquired the firm. Lawson says: 

We are a destination business, and most people come as part of a considered purchase, and we know that our customers expect an on and offline offer.

Throughout 2021 Ribble opened stores both in its homeland ...

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