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Researchers Uncover Mysterious 'Metador' Cyber-Espionage Group

Researchers from SentinelLabs laid out what they know about the attackers and implored the researcher community for help in learning more about the shadowy group.

Source: Anna Phillips via Alamy Stock Photo

LABSCON – Scottsdale, Ariz. – A new threat actor that has infected a telecommunications company in the Middle East and multiple Internet service providers and universities in the Middle East and Africa is responsible for two "extremely complex" malware platforms — but a lot about the group that remains shrouded in mystery, according to new research revealed here today.

Researchers from SentintelLabs, who shared their findings at the first-ever LabsCon security conference, named the group Metador, based on the phrase "I am meta" that appears in the malicious code and the fact that the server messages are typically in Spanish. The group is believed to have been active since December 2020, but it has successfully flown under the radar over the ...

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