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Researchers explore how to share data and keep privacy

Authors Professor Peter Christen and Dr Thilina Ranbaduge. Credit: Anushka Vidanage, ANU

A new book from researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) outlines how we can improve the way we share sensitive data and preserve people's privacy.

Improving the way we share this data could help tackle complex problems in areas such as healthcare and national security, says co-author Peter Christen.

According to Professor Peter Christen, as linking sensitive data from different sources becomes increasingly commonplace, privacy needs to be a top priority.

"For example, linking personal medical records with travel and immigration data has helped countries like Taiwan to manage COVID-19 outbreaks," Professor Christen said.

"A re-think of the way we link this data could also help prevent a repeat of some of the mistakes made during the Government's controversial "Robodebt" program.

Professor Christen says privacy is especially important when it comes to personal details, such ...

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