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Report: Apple is testing USB-C iPhone models for 2023

Apple is testing iPhones that use the industry-standard USB-C port, according to a report in Bloomberg citing people with knowledge of the situation.

Since 2012, Apple's smartphones have used the company's proprietary Lightning connector. But more recently, the slightly larger USB-C port has come to dominate consumer electronics, including most of Apple's other products. Consumers, reviewers, and even government regulators have called for Apple to drop Lightning in favor of USB-C in recent years.

This has led Apple to a tough spot, with three possible paths forward, each with some significant downsides.

On one hand, the company could stick with Lightning—that would mean that customers who've been using the iPhone for a while wouldn't have to buy new adapters, wires, or chargers. Apple's ecosystem of accessory-makers wouldn't have to go back to the drawing board to release updated products for the new ...

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