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Regain control over your corporate data

In today’s global economy, business success and growth are affected by rapid changes in market requirements, short innovation cycles and rising demands for internal and external communication. And all this is set against a background of continually growing—and often multilingual—data volumes that are becoming ever-more structurally complex.

Businesses also face challenges from ongoing workforce and workplace changes, and from company mergers that shift how economic power is distributed globally.

At the same time, data protection-related compliance and data governance requirements (GDPR, PII, PCI, etc.) are also changing. As a result, following a policy of ‘If in doubt, we will save the data until further notice,’ is no longer just negligent—it can become really expensive for companies in several respects.

In my last blog on the topic of records management, I talked about evaluating and analyzing the organizational status quo with regard to the implementation of a ...

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