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Qualcomm acquires chip startup Nuvia for $1.4 billion

The big picture: Qualcomm has struggled to produce competitive chips beyond smartphones, with its laptop SoCs in particular failing to impress, while Apple was able to take the industry by surprise with M1. By acquiring Nuvia, the silicon giant hopes to bridge that gap in the coming years.

Qualcomm has announced it will acquire chip startup Nuvia to expand its strong position in the silicon industry and use the latter's resources to develop better processors for smartphones, laptops, network infrastructure, and advanced driver assistance systems for cars.

The deal is estimated at $1.4 billion, and the company says it will be especially beneficial to "meet the demands of next-generation 5G computing." Nuvia founders John Bruno, Gerard Williams, and Manu Gulati will also join Qualcomm after the acquisition, along with all their current employees.

The timing of the move is interesting, as Qualcomm announced earlier this month the current ...

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