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PS5 Slim - where to buy, design and specs

The PlayStation 5 Slim has finally been released, continuing Sony's trend of releasing a thinner hardware revision for each PlayStation generation, dating all the way back to the PS1. This sleeker model significantly reduces the silhouette of the PS5 system while retaining the power of the base model.

The revised console, announced via the official PlayStation Blog, is gradually replacing the base PS5 model entirely, and began appearing on store shelves last November right when the Holiday season came calling. Now that PS5 Slims are out in a retail capacity, it'll likely be the model you see most often if you're shopping for the console for the first time.

The PS5 Slim revision is just as powerful as the base model, and it retains the same price point. However, it is much slimmer, has a slightly more appealing design, and provides an option to purchase a detachable ...

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