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Protests Erupt at Foxconn iPhone Plant in China [Video]

Protests have erupted at Foxconn's plant in Zhengzhou, China, reports Reuters. The massive factory, responsible for assembling iPhones, had been in COVID-lockdown due to China's zero-COVID policies. The severe lockdown, alongside bonus payment delays, appears to be the source of worker unrest.

The rare scenes of open dissent in China mark an escalation of unrest at the massive factory in Zhengzhou city that has come to symbolise a dangerous build-up in frustration with the country's ultra-harsh COVID rules as well as inept handling of the situation by the world's largest contract manufacturer. The trigger for the protests, which began early on Wednesday, appeared to be a plan to delay bonus payments, many of the demonstrators said on livestream feeds. The videos could not be immediately verified by Reuters.

Videos posted to social media show workers chanting "Give us our pay!" and breaking down quarantine barriers. "COVID ...

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