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Pressure sensor for wearables is waterproof

Combining barometric pressure and temperature sensing, the InvenSense ICP-10125  provides IPX8 waterproofing to more than 100 meters (10 ATM). The MEMS barometric pressure sensor offers four different measurement modes for optimizing power, noise, accuracy, and measurement frequency. It can measure pressure differences accurate to within ±1 Pa—an accuracy that enables altitude measurement differentials as small as 8.5 cm.

The device’s capacitive MEMS architecture enables it to achieve low noise and low power consumption. It also ensures temperature stability, providing a temperature coefficient offset of ±0.5 Pa/°C from 25°C to 45°C at 100 kPa. In ultra-low noise (ULN) mode, the ICP-10125 provides a pressure noise rating of 0.4 Pa with current consumption of 10.4 μA. In low power mode (LP), the sensor’s noise rating is 3.2 Pa at 1.3 μA. The part’s extended pressure range is 30 to ...

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