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Post-Backlash, WhatsApp Spells Out Privacy Policy Updates

WhatsApp aimed to clear the air about its updated privacy policy after reports of mandatory data sharing with Facebook drove users to Signal and Telegram in troves.

WhatsApp is making explicit clarifications around its updated privacy policy, after reports ran amok of the messaging app mandating all-encompassing data sharing with parent company Facebook.

The messaging app’s new privacy policy and terms of service, which will go into effect Feb. 8, will share certain data with Facebook, along with other Facebook products. However, the updates announced last week sparked widespread ire from users, who feared WhatsApp would mandate private user data to be shared with Facebook – and caused a mass exodus from the app onto competing apps, including Telegram and Signal.

This week, WhatsApp in a new privacy policy FAQ posted to its website aimed to dispel myths that all user data – across the board – would be shared with Facebook ...

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