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Ping Identity Debuts $50M Venture Fund to Back IAM Startups

Ping Ventures Will Support Startups Building the Next Generation of Identity Tools Michael Novinson (MichaelNovinson) • June 23, 2022

Anton Papp, head of corporate development, Ping Identity (Photo: Ping Identity)

Ping Identity is rolling out a $50 million in-house corporate venture fund to support identity and access management technology startups, betting it can spot, fund and integrate cutting-edge technology into its own stack.

The Denver-based identity vendor says Ping Ventures will back new businesses in fields such as online fraud and risk services, real-time identity verification, identity and data access governance, decentralized identity, machine identity, experience automation, and dynamic authorization and entitlement.

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The company's investing approach won't be the same as traditional venture capital, says Anton Papp, Ping Identity's head of corporate development. "There are strategic reasons behind why we are making investments ...

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