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'Pac-Man 99' battle royale launches tomorrow on Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco

In 2019 Nintendo launched Tetris 99 as a free battle royale game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers before trying out Super Mario Bros. 35 temporarily, and now it's following those games up with Pac-Man 99.

Bandai Namco

Available exclusively on the Switch for people with the online subscription, the game lets players eat Power Pellets to make ghosts vulnerable. Once players eat them, the ghosts turned into a Jammer Pac-Man, that goes after opponents and slows them down, as the field is slowly winnowed from 99 entrants to one winner.

The base game is available at no additional cost for subscribers, while optional DLC adds CPU mode, time attack and various custom themes, with some of the themes referencing classic Bandai games. The themes are available for $2 each, while players can buy the additional modes in a $15 add-on, or just get all of the extras ...

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