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NZXT launches high-performance, non-conductive thermal paste

In a nutshell: PC accessory maker NZXT is getting into the thermal paste game. The company's high-performance thermal paste is made from a custom-engineered formula comprised of zinc oxide, aluminum and a liquid polymer, and is both non-electrically conductive and non-curing to prevent short circuiting. It's suitable for use on CPU and GPU cores, has a three-year shelf life, and is said to be easy to apply and clean up.

The paste carries a thermal conductivity rating of 6.3 W/mk (watts per square meter of the surface area), a viscosity rating of 35~220*10³ mPa.s and a specific gravity rating of 3.5 g/cc. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the thermal conductivity rating, the better the material will be at conducting heat.

Traditional, non-conductive pastes like NZXT's don't perform as well as more exotic TIMs like liquid ...

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