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Nexar and Las Vegas tackle traffic with digital twins

Nexar is partnering with Nevada public road transit authorities to create digital twins to reduce traffic and improve safety. In effect, crowdsourced dashcam image data is used to feed digital twins that represent virtual models of road work.

The partnership is another sign of consumer dashcam maker Nexar’s pivot to AI-infused digital twin-as-a-service offerings like its CityStream platform for governments and businesses.

“Leveraging vision, and in particular crowdsourcing from moving cameras roaming the cities, allows for a rich, live, and equitable digital twin that covers entire cities and not just high traffic areas,” Nexar CEO Eran Shir told VentureBeat.

He said Nexar has developed AI algorithms to automatically extract road features from camera footage while still masking sensitive data. Such data is expected to feed digital twins that model city activity for civil engineering management.

The partnership with Southern Nevada’s Regional Transit Commission (RTC) partnership will weave real-time ...

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