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New York Times Responds to Source Code Leak

The New York Times has issued a statement after someone leaked a significant amount of source code allegedly belonging to the news giant.

Reports emerged on Friday that someone had leaked 270 Gb of source code allegedly taken from The New York Times on the 4chan bulletin board. 

The leaker claimed to have obtained 5,000 repositories and a total of 3.6 million files, including source code for Wordle and other games.

Stack Diary reported that the leaked data also includes a WordPress database storing information on roughly 1,500 users, including names, email addresses, and password hashes. The exposed data also reportedly includes authentication URLs and associated passwords, API tokens and secret keys.

In a ‘readme’ file placed next to the leaked files, the hacker claimed to have gained access to the data after finding “a GitHub token that had access to the repositories”.

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