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New Mallox Ransomware Variant Targets Linux Systems

New variant of Mallox ransomware targets Linux systems using custom encryption and a builder web panel. Cybersecurity researchers at Uptycs found decryptor which offers hope to victims, but maintaining backups and strong security practices are essential for defence.

Uptycs threat research team have discovered a new Mallox Ransomware variant targeting Linux systems. This malicious software encrypts the victim’s data, rendering it inaccessible until a ransom is paid.

The attackers employ a custom Python script ( to deliver the ransomware payload to the targeted system. The script is a Flask framework-based Mallox ransomware web panel that connects to a backend database using environment variables of the system for credentials, providing researchers with insight into the hacker’s infrastructure.

What makes Mallox ransomware (aka Fargo, TargetCompany, and Mawahelper) particularly concerning is the web panel that empowers cybercriminals to build custom variants of Mallox, manage their deployment, and even download the ...

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