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New Eldorado Ransomware Attacking Windows And Linux Systems

Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) has evolved into sophisticated enterprise-like model. From 2022 to 2023, ransomware programs advertised on the dark web increased by half, with 27 ads identified.

The RAMP forum was made the main hub of hiring for ransomware. Attacks published on specific leak sites rose by a margin of 74% which reached 4,583 in 2023.

This suggests an evolving and structured ecosystem of threat actors specializing in deploying ransomware.

Cybersecurity researchers at Group-IB recently identified that the new Eldorado ransomware has been attacking the Windows and Linux systems.

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Eldorado Ransomware-as-a-service

In March 2024, a new ransomware affiliate program called Eldorado emerged on the RAMP forum. 

Developed by Russian-speaking actors, it uses custom-built malware for Windows and Linux, employing Golang, Chacha20, and RSA-OAEP encryption.

New Eldorado Ransomware (Source – Group-IB)

By June 2024, Eldorado had attacked ...

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