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New Android MoqHao Malware Executes Automatically on Installation

The Roaming Mantis threat group distributes a well-known Android malware family called “MoqHao.” This malware family has been previously reported to be targeting Asian countries such as Korea and Japan. Though the distribution method remains the same, the new variants use a very dangerous technique.

Typically, the MoqHao malware requires user interaction to install and launch the app. However, the new variant of this malware does not require any execution.

Android is currently protected with Google Play Protect, which is the default app scanner that warns users or blocks applications that contain malicious behavior.

Android MoqHao Malware

As part of the distribution, the threat actors send a malicious phishing SMS message to the users, which will contain a malicious shortened link. The device downloads the malicious application once the user clicks on the link. 

This new variant has several different behaviors when compared to the previous variants of this malware ...

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