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Netflix: 40 best films to watch tonight

What to watch tonight: For brand-new flicks, Bird Box-esque sci-fi actioner Awake, starring Gina Rodriguez, arrived on Wednesday. Plus, on the very same day, excellent drama mystery Tragic Jungle arrived.

To welcome in June, Netflix added a bunch of great movies to its roster, including classics Million Dollar Baby, Stand by Me and The Big Lebowski. If none of those take your fancy, scroll down through this list of Netflix's best original movies for something you might have missed.

Best Netflix original movies



You'll be spending a lot of time with Mélanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds) in this contained sci-fi thriller. Inside a coffin-like medical cryo unit, Laurent's Elizabeth Hansen wakes up to find that she's trapped, running out of oxygen and can't remember why she's there. Claustrophobic and high on tension, Oxygen is a solid sci-fi entry, efficient and satisfying, without ...

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