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Nearly 50% of On-Premises Databases Have Unpatched Vulnerabilities

The five-year longitudinal research conducted by cybersecurity firm Imperva revealed that nearly half of on-premises databases globally contain at least one flaw that could expose them to cyber-attacks.

Researchers scanned roughly 27,000 databases, finding 46% contained vulnerabilities at an average of 26 vulnerabilities per database. Unfortunately, 56% of those vulnerabilities were ranked as ‘critical or high severity’, and some of them have gone unaddressed for three or more years. This suggests that many organizations are not prioritizing the security of their data and neglecting routine patching exercises.

“Too often, organizations overlook database security because they’re relying on native security offerings or outdated processes. Although we continue to see a major shift to cloud databases, the concerning reality is that most organizations rely on on-premises databases to store their most sensitive data,” said Elad Erez, Imperva's Chief Innovation Officer.

A regional analysis of the data shows that France ...

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