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Must We be Good to Have a Good Future?

The renowned Futurist Gerd Leonhard, in this short and impactful video, says in order to create a good future - we must be good. He suggests four focus areas for the future: people, prosperity, purpose and planet. If you agree with Gerd, then the first question is "What is good? Secondly, "How do we become good?" And, thirdly, "How do we use that good to create the future we all want?"

As more of our daily activities and interactions involve artificial intelligence, we will want our interfaces and communications with AI (digital assistants, chatbots and robots) to feel and be "good." We will want AI to make accurate, consistent and "good" decisions, and then to execute "good" actions. Training AI to be good and act good is a real challenge. These kinds of philosophical, moral and inspired traits and actions are not AI's strong suite. Now that I am writing ...

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