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Massive DarkMarket Underground Marketplace Taken Down

International Law Enforcement Effort Leads to Arrest of Alleged Operator Doug Olenick (DougOlenick) • January 12, 2021

A message posted on the DarkMarket's website says it's been seized. (Source: Europol)

A global law enforcement operation has taken down DarkMarket, which Europol describes as the world's largest underground marketplace of illegal goods on the dark web.

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Over the years, DarkMarket has generated about 140 million euros ($170.2 million) in revenue by selling drugs, malware, credit cards and more, according to Europol, which announced the takedown Tuesday.

As part of the police operation, Germany's Central Criminal Investigation Department arrested a 34-year-old Australian alleged to have operated DarkMarket, Europol reports. Law enforcement officials also shuttered servers used to host the illicit market.

"The investigation, which was led by the cybercrime unit of the Koblenz [Germany] Public Prosecutor ...

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