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Mark Zuckerberg Demos Top-Secret Project Cambria Headset

The company formerly known as Facebook began teasing a new high-end Virtual Reality (VR) headset at the end of 2021. It’s dubbed Project Cambria and it’s been touted as a quasi “Quest Pro” type of device. So far details on the headset have been restricted to vague teaser shots and generalities about its capabilities. More info has now come to light though, courtesy of Mr. Zuckerberg himself. In a video posted to Facebook (where else?), he is shown using the headset for the first time. The video provides a brief glimpse into Cambria’s potential, but unfortunately the headset itself is blurred out.

The video (Facebook link) is less than a minute long and shows Zuckerberg using the headset for mixed reality activities. This is notably different from augmented reality (AR), as AR typically doesn’t allow interaction with digital assets. Mixed reality is made possible by Cambria ...

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