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Logitech's G309 Superlight Mouse Has a Supercapacitor

Logitech has released a new mouse. In other news, it's Tuesday. But before you write this off as another forgettable peripheral, you should know the Logitech G309 Lightspeed might be the most versatile mouse in Logitech's lineup. This mouse is incredibly lightweight, and it can be powered by either a AA battery or Logitech's wireless Powerplay mat. It's the first Logitech mouse to take advantage of the infinite power provided by Powerplay.

The support for AA battery power is handy for travel, but the G309 will only shine when you remove that and rely on the company's Powerplay mousepad. Powerplay launched a few years ago, providing constant power to compatible Logitech mice. However, all the devices that have supported Powerplay have used it to keep a hefty internal lithium-ion cell juiced up. The Logitech G309 will use its supercapacitor to change that.

Without that hefty ...

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