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Learning UX/UI: Developers and Designers

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Uxcel, an app that teaches you UX/UI. It looked really clean, so I decided to give it a go.

The app has a Course, Lesson of the Week, and a UEye Training sections.

First I finished the UX/UI Design Foundation course. It has 6 levels which covers pretty much everything, like Color Theory, UI Design Principles, Typography, Iconography, Terminologies, Animations etc...

The app's teaching method is fun. It shows you either 2 different images and you need to select the correct one, or 1 image with multiple answers. After you pick/answer it shows you the correct answer and a brief explanation.

When I finished all 6 levels it generated a nice certificate for me, which felt good and I shared it on LinkedIn.

After finishing the course, I started playing around with the UEye Training. I can't tell ...

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