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Leaked Dataset Belongs to AT&T Current and Former Customers

Data of 75 Million Individuals, Including SSNs, Posted on Criminal Forum David Perera (@daveperera) • March 30, 2024

AT&T headquarters at Whitacre Tower in Dallas, Texas

AT&T did an about-face Saturday, saying that a leaked tranche of data pertaining to 73 million individuals does in fact reveal sensitive information of current and former customers of America's largest wireless phone carrier.

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The admission is a reversal from years of insisting that the dataset, first posted on a criminal forum in 2021, did not appear to have come from its systems (see: After 70M Individuals' Data Leaks, AT&T Denies Being Source).

In a statement, AT&T said an analysis of the dataset revealed "AT&T data-specific fields." The dataset reentered criminal circulation earlier this month after a user of a criminal web forum accessible on the clear web posted the set without charging a fee for its download.

The company isn't necessarily ...

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