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Kaseya obtained ransomware decryptor from 'trusted third party'

Kaseya told SearchSecurity that for "confidentiality reasons" it could only confirm that the ransomware decryptor came from a trusted third party and that it was helping customers.

BREAKING -- Kaseya has obtained the decryption key for the massive ransomware attack it suffered earlier this month, but the company won't say how other than that it came from a "trusted third party."

The IT management software vendor disclosed a supply-chain attack on July 2 that compromised approximately 60 of its managed service provider (MSP) customers and up to 1,500 MSP clients. Ransomware gang REvil had exploited zero-day vulnerabilities in Kaseya's endpoint management and network monitoring product VSA, and used said exploits to send malicious updates that facilitated the enormous ransomware attack.

NBC News reporter Kevin Collier tweeted Thursday that Kaseya had obtained the decryptor key "from a trusted third-party ...

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